The Good Old Good Ones play the good old good songs, those rare and special melodies from jazz’s roots in American Broadway. Based in Berlin, this international trio share a passion for unique music and reimagine forgotten repertoire. Featuring Declan Forde on piano, James Banner on bass, and DownBeat Award Winning vocalist Mirna Bogdanovic. Check out our sounds, our website and our Facebook page.


There are many ways to approach people on an emotional level. There are many ways to touch them, to make them think. The most powerful and direct way to do it, is through the voice, because we can’t ignore it. In Jazz Music, vocals are the only instrument that will draw your attention right away. In Pop Music, vocals are indispensable.
Unfortunately both genres, Pop and Jazz have developed to an extreme.
Jazz became too complicated and heartless and Pop too repetitive and lacking creativity.
But what would happen if you took a closer look at Pop charts, rearrange them originally and perform them a bit differently?
Many melodies and songs that are played on the radio aren’t as bad as we think. At the same time people don’t want to listen to never ending Jazz tootling anymore. “The Red Doo“ comes out right at the center of both worlds. This band creates their own style by reinventing Jazz Standards and modern Pop songs in a sophisticated way.
At the end you might even end up loving Rihanna! Here you can check out our sounds… And this is our Facebook page…


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