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“Singer/composer Mirna Bogdanovic has been a strong presence on the European jazz scene for some years now.
Her sultry tone, expressive phrasing and total musicality, make her the choice of many musicians “in the know”.
Comfortable in all walks of musical life, Ms. Bogdanovic is guaranteed to please.” – Greg Cohen, bass player known for his work with Ornette Coleman, John Zorn, Tom Waits, Woody Allen…

Mirna Bogdanovic is a slovenian singer/composer based in Berlin.
She studied at the Jazz Institute Berlin in the classes of Judy Niemack, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Greg Cohen.
38th Downbeat Student Award winner and a former member of the Bundesjazzorchester (BuJazzO).
The winner of Marianne Mendt jazz competition 2011 in Austria.
Preparing her first album with the support of Elsa Neumann scholarship (NaFög).

Early Years
Mirna was born to a Slovenian mother and a Bosnian father in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She grew up in a musical environment, because of her father being a Singer/Songwriter, and so she always loved singing, dancing and performing. With 7 years old she started to play piano and since then continued with her music education.
After finishing school, Mirna continued with her classical piano studies at Academy of music in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and later on with jazz vocal studies at Carinthia Conservatory for Jazz and Pop in Klagenfurt, Austria.
Next to her studies she attended many workshops and took private lessons from renowned jazz musicians, such as Danilo Perez, Danny Grissett, Sheila Jordan, Amy London, Anita Wardell, Jay Clayton, Theo Blackmann, Jen Shyu and many others.
In 2011, Mirna was one of the winners of Marianne Mendt Jazz Festival competition in Austria.

Recent years
Since 2012, Berlin has been Mirna’s new home, and Jazz Institute Berlin is where she has spent most of her time, learning from great musicians and educators such as Judy Niemack, Greg Cohen and Kurt Rosenwinkel. She has successfully finished the studies in February 2017. Mirna was a Ministry of Slovenia’s scholar for talented students, a member of the German National Jazz Orchestra (BujazzO) & Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now, Berlin. She’s taking part in many different projects, collaborating and performing with various music ensembles around the world. Here are some photos from those concerts. Mirna is also a winner of the 38th DOWNBEAT AWARD for “Outstanding Performances” in the undergraduate category.
Mirna’s main projects in the last years are The Good Old Good Ones and “Mirna Bogdanović Group”, with which she going to record her debut album at the beginning of 2019. Mirna is also this years “Nafög”- Elsa Neumann scholar, which enables her to focus on her music and prepare for the album recording.