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Confrontation is awarded “Debut Album of The Year” by the Deutscher Jazzpreis!

“Confrontation” was awarded Debut album of the year by the Deutscher Jazzpreis. I am so incredibly honoured and proud that my work has been recognised. I put everything I had into this album and to get awarded for it really makes it all worthwhile!

Bild 05.06.21 um 18.49

I was also lucky to have gotten the chance to perform at the award ceremony at the Jazz Club A-trane on June 3rd, together with my band members Povel Widestrand and Peter Meyer. Here’s the link to the whole thing:


Listen to the album (and subscribe/follow):


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  1. I want to thank you for your beautiful output. I LOVE your voice and am stunned by your compositions! I myself studied jazz vocals about when you were born and am amazed where you’ve taken our craft! thanx a lot!!!

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