“Knowing Nothing” is out and available on all platforms!

Knowing Nothing is the first single from my forthcoming debut album Confrontation, releasing on December 18th 2020 (Klaeng Records). The single establishes connections between jazz, pop and electronic. Minimalistic yet complex, with unique vocal phrasing and experimental production, Knowing Nothing takes the listener into unheard territories. The lyrics tell a story of loneliness, of feeling disconnected from the real world through living a life more online than offline. Knowing only the insignificant instead of that which actually matters.

Mirna Bogdanović – voice, composition
Povel Widestrand – piano
Arne Braun – guitar
Felix Henkelhausen – bass
Fabian Rösch – drums

Wanja Slavin – production, post production
Alex Killpartrick – sound engineering, mixing
Michal Wasyl – assistant engineering
Dave Darlington – mastering
Recorded at RecPublica studios, Poland

Music video by Sanne Huijbregts.

Listen to it and follow me on:


Original music somewhere between instrumental and vocal, jazz mixed with electronic and pop! After studying piano at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana Mirna Bogdanović pursued studies in jazz vocals, graduating from Jazz Institute Berlin. Soon to debut as a recording artist, Bogdanović’s album in the making involves a subtle interlacement of classical vocal techniques and contemporary methods.“Singer/composer Mirna Bogdanovic has been a strong presence on the European jazz scene for some years now.Her sultry tone, expressive phrasing and total musicality, make her the choice of many musicians “in the know”.Comfortable in all walks of musical life, Ms. Bogdanovic is guaranteed to please.” – Greg Cohen, bass player known for his work with Ornette Coleman, John Zorn, Tom Waits, Woody Allen…

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